When you hire a water treatment representative, you want to choose the best. You want to be sure that your representative knows the industry and is capable of handling the many conditions that affect water quality in your systems and equipment. Furthermore, you need someone in whom you can trust and have the utmost confidence to prescribe and manage the most effective water treatment applications. Responding to these needs, the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) has developed the highest standard in the industry—the Certified Water Technologist (CWT).


What does it mean to be a CWT? Simply put, CWT is the standard of excellence. Individuals with this status have personally committed themselves to excellence in the water treatment industry:

Expert, up-to-date knowledge

This water treatment professional has passed AWT’s CWT examination—a standardized, rigorous, 200-question, proctored test that covers all aspects of water treatment technology, from best practices to regulatory compliance and safety. And every CWT must maintain this credential by recertifying every five years. This ensures they are always up-to-date on emerging technologies.

Experience and reputation

Someone with the CWT designation has been employed as a water treatment professional for a minimum of five years. This lets you know that a CWT has an established level of experience in the applications of water treatment knowledge and programs in the industry. In addition, the extensive CWT application process requires that each candidate passes a thorough peer review and obtains professional references from colleagues and clients.

Ethics beyond question

Every CWT has signed a 13-part Declaration of Ethics, agreeing that the principles of honesty, integrity, commitment to conservation of resources, and excellence will govern every business relationship they forge. This Declaration is a serious matter to AWT, resulting in disciplinary action, including revocation of one’s certification status, if found in violation.


Don’t take a chance with your water treatment needs. Demand the best. Choose a professional who meets the highest standards in the industry. Get a Certified Water Technologist to administer your water treatment program. You will be hiring the finest the water treatment industry has to offer—a CWT knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical. For tips on how to find your water treatment professional, visit the AWT website at www.awt.org.
To find a CWT in your area, go to www.awt.org/cwt_locator.cfm.

Representing a large share of the U.S. water treatment market, the Association of Water Technologies has an international network of more than 500 independent water treatment companies
and affiliates. AWT’s goal is to improve the efficient, effective, and environmentally appropriate use of water—particularly in the traditional areas of heat transfer, mass transfer, and treatment of recycle and potable applications. AWT members help municipalities and hospitals, as well as manufacturers of electronics, chemicals, paper, petroleum, and steel to clarify water and prevent pollution and corrosion in cooling systems and boilers. For additional information about AWT, visit our website at www.awt.org or call our headquarters at
(800) 858-6683.

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