Odor Control/air Purification


Leaders in ozone water treatment, ClearWater Tech also offers solutions for air treatment with our AirWaves. Time-tested performance is the result of our commitment to innovative designs and carefully selected components. The AirWaves is ready to install in any main heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) duct, whether residential or commercial. Using two UV lamps, AirWaves produceslow levels of UV energy and ozone,silently and invisibly removing odors and sanitizing the air flowing through the ventilation system.


AirWaves Benefits & Features

• Removes common household odors
(including smoke, pet, mildew and cooking odors)
• Reduces stale air
• Reduces airborne contaminants
• Treats entire house
• Includes selectable ozone output
• Operates automatically
• Invisible and silent protection
• Safe and energy efficient
• 2 years between simple maintenance


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